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Residents of Colorado have some of the most active lifestyles in the country, which include a commonly shared passion for bicycling. Whether commuting to work or blazing down a mountain trail, Coloradans have elevated the bicycle from a simple mode of transportation to a vital element of the state's culture. However, bicycling can be a dangerous activity, and bike-related injuries are often serious and life threatening.

At Leventhal Lewis, our experienced bicycle accident lawyers fight for the rights of those injured on Colorado's roads and trails. We aggressively pursue the compensation you and your family need to recover from the debilitating effects of bicycle injuries. We help accident victims from Aurora, Cherry Creek and neighboring communities.

Bicycle Accidents Caused by Negligent Drivers

Negligent drivers are one of the leading causes of bike accidents. Even when bicyclists follow the required traffic rules, motorists frequently fail to give bicyclists adequate room or completely ignore the presence of cyclists altogether. Automobile drivers often cause accidents that have grave repercussions in a cyclist's life by:

  • Turning into a bicyclist's lane of traffic
  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Using excessive speed
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving while under the influence

Damages for Traumatic Cyclist Injuries

The injuries suffered by bicyclists are often far more severe than those sustained while in a well-protected car or truck. When struck by an automobile, a cyclist may suffer:

These injuries can require extensive medical treatment and physical therapy. Many families are not prepared or equipped to effectively deal with mounting hospital expenses or extended periods of lost wages due to time away from work. Permanent disabilities can put an even greater strain on families, and often leave victims feeling lost and without hope.

Experienced and Compassionate Legal Representation

When you work with the Denver bicycle accident attorneys at Leventhal Lewis, you can be sure that your case will be handled with the individualized focus you and your case deserve. We don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach to legal representation. Our success relies on fully understanding the unique circumstances of your situation and an eye for detail concerning the evidence in your case. During your initial free consultation, our partners will meet with you personally, even at your hospital room.

If you've been injured while riding your bike in the Aurora, Cherry Creek or Denver areas, contact the experienced bicycle accident attorneys at Leventhal Lewis to schedule a free consultation. We work on a contingency basis, so we won't get paid for your injury case until you do.