Estate Planning For Blended Families

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Posted: October 7, 2019
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Between 40 and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. A majority of people who undergo divorce eventually marry again. This can create unforseen problems when planning an estate.

What is a Blended Family?

Blended families commonly include:

  • Married couples in which one or both partners have children from outside the current marriage
  • Families with children who have children with more than one partner
  • Families with children whose spouses have children from outside of the marriage

While a growing family can bring joy and opportunity for bonding with children and grandchildren who are not related by blood, it can also bring certain complications when estate planning. If you are part of a blended family, even if you have already created a will, it is a good idea to talk to an experienced estate planning attorney to help preserve family unity and goodwill in case of your incapacity or upon your death. 

Challenges Faced by Blended Families

Young People Arguing on a CouchThere are many challenges that blended families may face when a parent passes away. These include:

  • Disinheriting a child
  • Claims by a former spouse
  • Disputes over decision making and authority
  • Disputes over asset division
  • Delays in the distribution of an estate

In some cases, disputes end up in court and cause a rift between spouses, children, and grandchildren. This creates complications that could easily have been avoided with proper planning.

Avoiding a court embattled outcome is one of the most compelling reasons to discuss your options with an estate planning lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to provide you with an objective and evenhanded outside perspective and help ensure all considerations are taken into account.

There are countless scenarios that may end up with one or more beneficiaries being treated in a manner inconsistent with your wishes, but even the most well-meaning changes to a will or estate plan can produce unforeseen problems for loved ones. Choosing to work with an estate planning lawyer experienced in working with blended familes can help ensure all bases are covered and work to guard against issues that may create tension or argument among your surviving family members.

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