Legal Issues That Can Arise After a Construction Project Is Completed

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Posted: December 23, 2019
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Man pulling out own hair at apparent ineptitude of construction workerThere can be a number of issues that arise while a project is in construction. Once it’s finished, however, the hope is that all of those issues have been worked out and the project will not need to be updated, modified, or fixed for several years. This is, unfortunately, not always the case.

Common construction disputes that can arise even after a project has been completed include:

  • Workmanship Disputes. There are often several contractors working on a job site. Each of these contractors is held to a certain standard. Some of these standards are upheld by the trades only, but others are overseen by state licensing boards. Poor workmanship and/or code violations can result in a loss of license in some cases.
  • Payment Disputes. Payment disputes can arise over any number of issues, including workmanship problems. These disputes can quickly become complex as they typically involve contracts and work quality but also things like mechanics lien and bonds claim processing.
  • Breach of Warranty. This occurs when a contractor declines to address issues that are covered under warranty. This type of claim may include both implied and written warranties.
  • Environmental Damage. Spills, debris, and waste left at the job site can contaminate the earth and threaten the health and safety of anyone who may come into contact with the toxic or dangerous substances.
  • General Legal Issues. When contracts, construction, and multiple companies are involved, problems can arise. Very few construction projects end up in litigation, but when the time comes to take action, having a skilled and experienced attorney on your side is absolutely essential.

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If you are involved in a construction dispute, Leventhal Lewis can help. Our attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to handle even the most complex construction litigation – and we are fully committed to take each case as far as needed to help ensure proper resolution.

Following the completion of a construction project, you will generally have two years to take legal action against contractors and subcontractors. Failure to take action within this timeframe can reduce your options and make seeking a fair result impossible. If you suspect you have cause to take legal action against a construction company, our lawyers welcome an opportunity to speak with you, listen to your story, and help you determine the most effective way to move forward with your claim.

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