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Complete your Divorce – You Have Rights, We Help You Protect Them 

When it is clear to one or both partners that the marriage relationship is no longer sustainable, divorce is the clearest and cleanest break for both parties in the state of Colorado. Ideally, this allows each to move forward with their lives.  

In many instances, however, one party succumbs to the other under high pressure, to accept an outcome that isn’t fair. This includes, for example, a rigid and overly limited child visitation schedule, leaving one family member with the marital home but no means to upkeep or retain the property, or child support payments that don’t represent the balance of child-rearing responsibilities. We will apply the rights Colorado law provides—and apply a specific strategy to each case—in an attempt to strike the balance toward equity. 

The lawyers at Leventhal Lewis are able to support you in taking the next step by protecting your rights in many areas, including: 

  • Ending your marriage 
  • Establishing or Reestablishing 
  • Parenting Responsibilities 
  • Division of marital property 
  • Allocation of marital debts 
  • Maintenance (spousal support) 
  • Child Support 

Some practitioners attempt to devalue a court-litigated divorce, but in many instances, the court is the best place to resolve a contested marriage. As Margaret Brining wrote in her classic Does Mediation Systematically Disadvantage women? “Congested courts cannot justify mandatory mediation in cases where one spouse holds a monopoly on marital power. No one should order mediation when there has been abuse within the family, substance abuse, or systematic hiding of assets.” A process built around checks and balances can, in many instances, support the most equitable outcome. 

In Colorado, ending your marriage through divorce is most simple if both parties live in Colorado, have been residents of Colorado for more than 31 days, and if they have children, the children have been residents of Colorado for more than 181 days.  

If your spouse lives out of state, we will help you protect your rights in Colorado and can provide support to you as you prepare to resolve matters in another state.  It is important to recognize that Colorado is a “No-Fault” state when it comes to your divorce. The judge won’t let parties make wild accusations, and we will further protect you through a request for injunction to seal the record. That allows you to conclude matters with the most limited public record available.   

Call Leventhal Lewis to speak with an attorney. Your call is confidential, and we will help you answer the questions you have about divorce in Colorado

We are here to use the law to protect your rights during what is likely to be a highly stressful and emotional period of your life.   

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