Is Your Insurer acting in Bad Faith?

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If you’re struggling with an insurance company that has denied or unreasonably delayed your claim or diminished your settlement, you may have a claim of “bad faith.”

Your insurance policy is a contract. It holds your insurance provider responsible for fully and fairly investigating claims. If you’ve fulfilled your obligations under the contract, you’re entitled to the benefits your policy promised. However, many insurance claims investigators are trained to save the insurance company money, not take care of their customers. They may fail to fully investigate your claim and may submit a denial without adequate justification. Or they may delay their investigation or payment in the hope of wearing the customer down.

When an insurance company fails to provide the products and services committed in a contract, and to do so in a timely fashion, it’s called “bad faith.” Special bad faith laws have been put into place to protect insured individuals and companies because insurance is a field wherein minimizing claims and mitigating payouts has nearly become a common practice.

When an insurance company doesn’t deliver properly on its end of the contract, many people simply accept the company’s decision and give up. We’ll help you fight for your rights under your policy and get the compensation you deserve. Contact an insurance bad faith lawyer at Leventhal Lewis today at 720-699-3000.

Insurance Denial

Insurance is one of the few things people pay for and hope they never have to use.

If you're submitting a claim, chances are high that you've already been through a challenging event. When you're coping with the trauma from a car accident, the loss of a loved one, or home damage due to a hail storm, fire or other covered event, it's not always easy to deal with your insurance company. However, a disagreement between you and the company doesn't necessarily mean the company acted in bad faith.

That’s why it is necessary to have your case reviewed promptly by a firm that has the knowledge and background to provide you a thorough legal evaluation, as well as a clear breakdown of the options for recourse available to you.

Denial is only one way an insurance company may act in bad faith. Other harmful behaviors include:

  • Delaying payment or investigation without cause
  • Unreasonably interpreting policy language
  • Inadequately investigating the claim
  • Changing your policy without your consent
  • Failing to clearly explain a policy holder’s rights
  • Unreasonably understating the value of your claim
  • Not taking evidence into account

Your insurance company does not have the right to pay less than the value of your claim, ignore your doctor’s opinion, or refuse to pay for a pre-approved procedure. If you’ve experienced any of these problems, reach out to Leventhal Lewis to discuss your case. You can use our contact form or call 720-699-3000 (Denver) or 719-694-3000 (Colorado Springs) to begin a conversation.

Why Leventhal Lewis is the Best Choice for Insurance Bad Faith Cases

You don't have much time to file a bad faith claim after your insurance company has made its decision. That means you need to act quickly to select a qualified attorney. Leventhal Lewis combines decades of experience in state, federal, and administrative courts to win verdicts and settlements for our clients in insurance bad faith cases. We don't back down, and we don't give up.

Our law firm is rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell and is included in the register for America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators. Many lawyers at Leventhal Lewis have been recognized by Super Lawyers for their professional achievement. Along the way, we’ve won hundreds of thousands in insurance bad faith claims. Just take a look at our client reviews to hear from our satisfied clients. We put quality over quantity and only choose cases where we can make the most positive impact in our clients’ lives.

We handle insurance bad faith cases throughout the Front Range, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs for:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life Insurance

If you feel your insurance policy rights have been violated, Leventhal Lewis can help. After a free initial evaluation, our insurance bad faith lawyers will let you know upfront whether we can provide representation. If so, we will also be able to advise whether your case will qualify for contingency representation or a fixed fee. Please call 720-699-3000 in Denver or 719-694-3000 in Colorado Springs to speak with our office today.