Keslie Cooper

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Associate Attorney

Keslie Cooper is an associate attorney at Leventhal Lewis. Prior to joining the firm, Keslie worked at a boutique law firm in Grand Junction, Colorado where she assisted clients with their employment and labor law issues. Keslie has experience in litigation and administrative law in everything from wage and hour claims to charges of discrimination or wrongful termination.

At Leventhal Lewis, Keslie works on a wide variety of civil litigation and employment law matters for her clients. She is happy to assist you or your organization with anything from labor law compliance or defense to the recovery of unpaid wages, or to assist with defective construction projects, or many other civil and administrative disputes. Keslie is a passionate advocate who wants to help clients prevent, mitigate, or eliminate stressful events or issues in their lives, and she strives to put clients in the best position possible to have a secure future.

Keslie graduated with distinction from the University of Denver before attending law school at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. After law school, she strode out on an adventure to the bottom of the earth at McMurdo Station, Antarctic, where she spent a full year providing support to science researchers through the U.S. Antarctic Program. After a few weeks of considerable thawing, she returned to Colorado to join her former firm on the Western Slope and start her life as a young attorney. Keslie is happiest outdoors, and you can often find her wandering around the desert or the mountains with her two mini Aussies in tow. When the weather is too bad for hiking, Keslie likes to tackle a woodworking project, read a good book, or cook a meal for her loved ones.